really going above & beyond


Today is the day we launch the world’s first physical and digital consumer product x NFT collection.

Things are about to get real.

If you’ve read part one you’ll know we’re trying to do things differently. If you didn’t know that, go and read part one now! Our products offer people a chance to do things differently, for the better of the planet. We’ve taken your lead, always trying to find new ways to do things better, for the right reasons. Above all, this means treating you, our audience and customers like smart, well-informed curious people. This got us thinking, if that’s truly the case, how can we involve you more? How can we get you to truly input into our business and future? Now this isn’t about monitoring your comments and likes on social, this is about something deeper. An opportunity to curate solutions and fun together, as a proper community.

More than a brand

We’re trying to kill advertising and create entertainment. We’re trying to open our supply chain and create the most transparent personal care brand the world has ever seen. We’re trying to give you more of an opportunity to be part of who we are, what we do and how we do it. We’re trying to do these things because we know that having an ethical, sustainable and quality product isn’t enough - these are the prerequisites for the future of business (or at least I hope they are).

Direct to community 

That’s why we’re no longer a DTC brand, we’re a DTC brand. Eh? Yep, we’re no longer direct-to-consumer, we’re now direct-to-community. What does that mean? That means we never say consumer, we say collaborator or audience. After all, I don’t identify as a consumer and would suppose that most others feel the same.

But this isn’t just about correcting our language and being more thoughtful with our marketing. This is an attempt to get closer to you, and for you to want to get closer to us (but not in a creepy way). We have a mission bigger than our brand and products and therefore, for us to achieve a sustainable solution, we all need to start chucking those green ethical grenades together. You are not passive and susceptible to us. You are the powerful ally we need on our side at every step, changing this industry for good. 

Direct to culture 

But that all means nothing if we don’t actually DO something. After all, I'm sick and tired of the promises for sustainable and ethical action from the brands I previously followed. This time, it has to be different. This time we have to make a real impact. We have to facilitate the culture we strive for, not misrepresent it and use it for selling (which would also be grand - please go buy our lip balm).

Our next project is an attempt to do just that. A chance for us to get to know each other a little better, so we can get to the heart of what we need to do to make you trust us and create that impact. This next a&b launch is something completely new to us, and most likely you (unless you’re an absolute cypherpunk - please let yourself be known), so bear with us. It’s a combination of digital art, community access and physical product rolled into one. It’s also the first of its kind, which we feel rather proud to say (if it works - shh if not). 

Ownership, innovation and dynamism 

Although it sounds weird and may be a little tough for me to get my head around, it’s actually pretty simple.

  1. You buy a lip balm
  2. The lip balm serves as a key to the a&b community 
  3. You also get some amazing art that you can keep or flip on 

It’s a key because it gives you access to us and us to you. With this key, you can input and innovate through our business and product pipeline. This means you can have your say on colour, taste, flavour, scent, formula etc on our next and future range of lifetime-use refillables. It’s a direct line to the heart of our organisation that helps us make things you’ll love and helps you have something sustainable that you actually like (and want to buy!). 

To us, this is the next stage of business (if it isn’t already happening all around). Treating the brand and business as a pumping, fire breathing, placard wielding organism. No longer a static misrepresentation of society that overemphasised its role in culture. But one that takes a step back, listens and attempts to facilitate a proper meaningful fight between what we need to leave behind and what we need to take with us to a better world. 

#GreenGobs - the idea

Wrapping all of that waffle up above is something we’ve called the #GreenGobs. Think of it as a playful name for the a&b community. #GreenGobs will be the first (of hopefully many) NFT collections available from right now. A randomised selection of 5,000 digital artworks accompanied by a limited edition Green Gob case and one of a kind QR code linked to you, forever. To find out more about this drop and get involved, there’s plenty of info that you can find here

We’ve partnered with two orbital artists to create cultural masterpieces that last a lifetime - just like our lifetime-use refillable products. If that wasn’t enough, 15% of all sell-on royalties will go to charities aligned with our values and mission to #UnscrewThePlanet.

With your unique digital artwork, you will receive earth's first lifetime-use refillable lip balm (and 3 refills) all for the very reasonable price of £30.

Aforementioned owners of the #GreenGobs will receive unlimited access to above & beyond through their unique artwork and lip balm QR, exclusive invites to our #UnscrewThePlanet Discord, access to exclusive events and input into our product innovation and pipeline.

#GreenGobs - the performance  

But why leave it at that!?!? After all, it’s Frieze Design Week at Regents park today. To launch our world first in style, we’re going to do our very own eco punk stunt (so do one Extinction Rebellion). A collaboration of creative green energy has formed thanks to the likes of Tiger Savage (a&b Creative Director) and Nathan Wyburn (if you really need an intro check him out here). 

Hopefully you’ll hear about this performance piece before you read about it. But if you don’t, you can check our socials and our next blog post this week. We’ll be revealing our takeover and giving you the inside scoop on our not-so-secret (thanks Will) and noisy Greta #GreenGobs tribute.

Still not sure what I'm talking about? 


Watch this space!